Le dd is the key to open the door of freedom; feel free, feel comfortable, feel barefoot at every moment of your day. Wearing Le dd is entering a world of lightness and comfort: just like feeling barefoot, but with the certainty of being protected.

Le dd gives you a new experience, a feeling of lightness and freedom: like being barefoot with the reassuring feeling of having your feet protected. They are ideal at home and perfect to take everywhere.

A 100% made-in-Italy product capable of providing unique benefits thanks to its specially-designed structure. All Le dd products are made of woven fabric designed and manufactured specially for your well-being. The washable, highly elastic and
resistant material undergoes a certified antibacterial and non allergenic treatment.

To be washed at 40°
Weight: 50 gr

S - 37-39
M - 40-43
L - 44-47

Carlo Lauzzana