Key Keeper


Key Keeper is a silicone key cover, which covers the entire key, keeping it from damaging other items in your bag or pocket. The soft silicone will give way when the key is pushed into a keyhole. When not in use the silicone will snap back into place, covering the key. A variety of colors allows you to easily tell one key from another. One side is textured, allowing you to insert the key correctly by touch. Key Keeper has been refined to make it even easier to use.

Use the key keeper to minimize the clinking of keys if you carry more than one key and are worried about the noise a bunch of keys make.
A triangle shape marks the center of where you plug in the key. There is also an embossed pattern on one side which allows you to identify the front and back of the key.
Can be used for keys of general measurements within 23 mm x 62 mm in size.

Made in Japan

Ryosaku Aoki