Hybrid Zenobia - Teacup in Porcelain


Hybrid Zenobia is the tea cup signed by the designer CtrZak for the brand Seletti. A unique collection of plates, risers, cups and trays with a dual core for a modern and colorful table.

The collection of the young couple of designers CtrlZak for Seletti combines in itself the East and the West. Hybrid bears this name because it divided in the middle by two styles , which bring in their own traditions and cultures. Mugs , cups , plates, bowls, trays and risers that are part of this fascinating collection of Seletti are bone china. Zenobia was the ancient queen of Palmyra, this mug by the handle with golden trim and decorated with pastel colors that bears his name, he wants to pay homage. Highly evocative names , each piece is different from the others for decoration and construction. Collect the entire collection, perfect and elegant in every table.

Dimensions: Ø 10 cm - H. 5 cm