Millefiori Natural Sticks Diffuser


A solution that blends with style and discretion in every space, offering a delicate and long-lasting fragrance. The scent is diffused through the wooden sticks plunged in the scented liquid. The reed diffusers will absorb the fragrance and diffuse it constantly.
The quality and the quantity of the fragrance are fundamental. Millefiori uses for its products only accurately selected fragrances and in studied quantities to optimize its intensity. In this way not only the customer appreciates the fragrance during the purchase in the store, but will also enjoy a longer lasting effect in his own home.

250ml. Will last 3 to 4 months.

The Fragrances:
- Berry delight: Citrus top notes of orange and lemon reveal a delightful heart of sweet mulberries and floral accords with a warm base of vanilla and musk notes.
- Green tea: Fresh note of tea leafs and lemon peel
- Nero: Woody notes blend with aromatic and exotic scents
- Sandalo bergamotto: Woody santalwood note with an inspiration of citrus and lavender
- Sea shore: Fresh citrus, rosemary and star anis note
- White musk: Poudre note of white flowers bouquet, dusted with vanilla.
- Vanilla&Wood: Sweet vanilla note, strengthened by the presence of ebony woods and santalwood.
- Jasmine Ylang: Intense floral head notes reveal heart notes of precious floral bouquets and disclose aromatic bottom notes of rose wood and patchouly.
- Magnolia blossom & wood: A beautiful fragrance in which the fresh, green and fruity snsation of blooming magnolia buds mix with the woody amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
- White mint & tonka: An invigoriting duo of citrus and mint reveal sublime green facets which swirl with delicate wood and tonka bean.