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  • Tip-Top Trophy Deer

    The Deer Head from MIHO! A very unusual specimen, which deserves a special place in your house!

  • Nessie Ladle

    Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie!


    Le dd is the key to open the door of freedom; feel free, feel comfortable, feel barefoot at every moment of your day. Wearing L


    Showing off your holiday pics is so dated; the way forward to let people know where you've been on your travels is with th

  • Eric The Memo Elephant

    Eric the ceramic Memo Elephant is a fun way to leave messages and reminders.

  • Flip Clock

    The Flip LCD alarm clock by LEXON combines the functions of a clock and alarm clock in one sleek design.

  • Fixie Pizza Cutter

    This miniature two-wheeled wonder effortlessly navigates through poorly parked pepperoni, around deep puddles of chilli oil and

  • Leis Salad Set

    A set of two forks for preparing and serving salad.

  • Leis Kitchen Set

    The set consists of 3 pieces: spoon, fork and spatula.


    The perfect inspiration in the office, the words allow you to recreate the meaning of the meme as you wish.


    Shine Some light onto your Breakfast table with this silicon egg shaper that will make your plate a work of art!

  • WOW Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    The KAKKOii WOW, an acronym for With Out Wires, uses Bluetooth technology to connect to any compatible device.

  • Brrrrr Ice Tray

    A polar bear that lives in your cool is that? Simple to