+d is not only a brand. It is an organization, a community of Japanese designers working together to produce incredible pieces of work with a great originality. Even the simplest or the most traditional objects can be enhance by the many fine designers working under the “+ d” label. Colorful and ingenious this growing selection of design products will make your life easier and prettier.

The designers carefully nurture their concepts, from the first seed of an idea until its final blossoming, making sure that the feelings of the product's designer would be passed on to anyone who encounters it.

  • Dot Musee Crayon

    Inspired by the iconic painter Claude Monet, these unique crayons would make a great gift for the creative person in your life.

  • Baby Color

    Includes six basic shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black and Green.

  • Looper

    A boomerang plane that returns to you once you throw it.

  • Hen-Shin Balloons

    These balloons are magic! They change from one color to another when you blow them up!


Three friends in the Lombard/Emilian province; Cristiano Gozzi, Giuseppe Marcheselli, Stefano Seletti; a passion born in a tavern, between a bottle of "lambrusco" and a "tortelli" course, started from an old 50's catalogue of an italian artisan, the nostalgic but high-tech bicycle, was born that way.

In the very near future Dario Gozzi, Cristiano's brother and Stefano's brother-in-law, as well as a childhood friend will take over from Marcheselli thus making ABICI a family run business with a strong, solid and creative vein.

ABICI, the naked bike will soon be known all over the world; a recognisable design that evolves in different succesful models, a perfect synthesis of beauty and technicality.

APPREE is a product company providing a variety of office supplies, based in Seoul, Korea and was established in 2008. They design small but special experiences such as the refreshing atmosphere of the mountain, mist, calm weather and lake felt in the nature and has always been developing small office products with an attitude of 'Learning from Nature'.

  • Bookmark Pen Oak Set of 3

    The beautiful, delicate and refined Bookmark Oak Pen will bring nature into your everyday life.

  • Leaf Magnet Beech

    A beautiful and powerful magnet in the shape of a beech leaf. Composed of 4 leaves.

  • Leaf Magnet Cherry

    A beautiful and potent magnet in the shape of a delicate cherry blossom. Composed of 4 magnets.


AREAWARE is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. Their goal is to create thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response. Areaware's wish is to create a forum for young and local talent and together become a strong voice for American design. They believe that appreciation for beauty is central to what it means to be alive and want to embody this principle in even the simplest things.

  • Brush Vase by Harry Allen

    Whether you think you were an artist in your former life, or your life goal is to some day pick up a brush, or maybe you are an

  • Wall Clamp by Areaware

    Designer Brendan Ravenhill finds inspiration in the functional beauty of working tools: objects that strike the perfect balance

  • Hanno The Gorilla

    This is not a toy. That’s right, keep telling yourself that as you pose Hanno in every which way but loose.