+d is not only a brand. It is an organization, a community of Japanese designers working together to produce incredible pieces of work with a great originality. Even the simplest or the most traditional objects can be enhance by the many fine designers working under the “+ d” label. Colorful and ingenious this growing selection of design products will make your life easier and prettier. The designers carefully nurture their concepts, from the first seed of an idea until its final blossoming, making sure that the feelings of the product's designer would be passed on to anyone who encounters it.

  • Cao Maru

    Designed by Makiko Yoshida, Cao Maru are hilarious and original stress balls that let you relieve tension while expressing emot

  • Tube Doorstopper

    This fun little tube-shaped doorstop, though small, holds doors firmly in place.

  • Evolution Eraser

    Designer stationery lovers, Darwinists or just modern Neanderthals will adore this eraser, which depict the progress of man in

  • Birdie Paper Knife

    Let Birdie perch on your desk or shelf like a small bird on a branch. He'll help you open letters with his tail.

  • Tsun Tsun Soap Dish

    This silicone soap dish uses soft spikes to "suspend" soap in the air.

  • Gumhook

    A soft, silicone hook perfect for people, things and walls.

  • Birdie Paper Knife Neon

    Let Birdie perch on your desk or shelf like a small bird on a branch. He'll help you open letters with his tail.


    The Birdie Letter Opener is a tiny piece of desk sculpture that adds some pleasure to opening bills and letters comes in a soph

  • Key Keeper

    Key Keeper is a silicone key cover, which covers the entire key, keeping it from damaging other items in your bag or pocket.

  • Byyun Pencil Copter

    Daily grind got you down? So stressed out that you feel like hurling your pen at something?

  • Sheep Cable Holder

    This set of two nifty cable holders makes the cord look like the sheep's wool.

  • Hen-Shin Balloons

    These balloons are magic! They change from one color to another when you blow them up!

  • Looper

    A boomerang plane that returns to you once you throw it.

  • Baby Color

    Includes six basic shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black and Green.

  • Dot Musee Crayon

    Inspired by the iconic painter Claude Monet, these unique crayons would make a great gift for the creative person in your life.