Tadé Pain d'Alep 5% Aleppo Soap


Recommended for Dry Skin - Face & Body.
Content: 200 g

This luxurious handcrafted Aleppo soap has been matured for 9 months, and is made with olive oil and 35% laurel bay oil - the highest concentration of laurel bay oil that can be found in authentic Aleppo Soap.

History: The Ancient Greeks valued laurel oil for its medicinal properties and its purifying and moisturizing effects on the skin. Laurel oil remains unrivalled today as a natural solution to skin complaints. 100% natural, this traditional blend of mild olive and laurus nobilis laurel oil (5%), has generous emollient and restorative properties.

Use: The Pain d’Alep 5% Aleppo Soap restores and maintains the delicate balance of dry and sensitive skins. Its rich lather and pure green fragrance make it ideal to use as face soap. Use morning and evening for a healthy, radiant complexion and soft, plumped skin.

Ingredients (INCI): sodium olivate*, sodium laurate*, aqua*, sodium hydroxide. (*Natural origin 99.9%. Sodium olivate and sodium laurate are the saponified fatty acids - or salts - of the olive oil and the laurel oil.)

Made in Syria.

All Tadé Pays du Levant® and Aleppo Soap Co. soaps are 100% ecological*, guaranteed to be without any chemical product or synthetic derivative. These products are made in accordance with the principle of fair-trade where value is given to the contribution and dignity of all partners. Dermatologist tested and presented in minimum and recyclable packaging.

*100% plant-based ecological skincare soaps: free from laureth sulphate, PEG, EDTA, formaldehyde, hydroxyethyl, BHT, phenoxyethanol, silicone and any other synthetic derivative such as acid, emulsifier, artificial colouring or preservative. Not tested on animals.

"Since July 2012, Aleppo, the birth place of Tadé's business has been plagued by fighting between the Free Syrian Army and the Government forces. Daily life for the citizens of Aleppo is harrowing. Tadé's local partners are working in perilous conditions. In spite of this truly dramatic context, Tadé has remained committed to guaranteeing supply and have been striving to maintain the highest possible availability of their products, thereby associating, more than ever before, respect for nature, for people and for fair exchange."