Tadé Hammam Black Soap, 140g


Olive oil and laurel oil, clay and sea salt exfoliating soap paste.

History: Olive oil Black Soap has been used to cleanse and exfoliate in hammam (steam room) for centuries. Nowadays, Black soap is used in some of the most exclusive spas in Europe and America. A natural olive oil based emollient, black soap is heated in cauldrons and enriched with laurel oil (to disinfect), rassoul (a red clay that draws impurities out of the skin), and sea salt (to tone and exfoliate). This smooth, generous, ecological paste is 100% plant-based.

Use: Regular exfoliation reveals the natural light of a clean, soft and healthy skin. As a body scrub, apply the paste onto a wet mitt or loofah. Massage it in all over the body. Let it penetrate for 1 minute. Step under the shower and scrub the creamy lather away. Rinse well with warm water. For a soft and clear skin that glows.

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua*, potassium olivate*, moroccan lava clay*, laurus nobilis oil*, glycerin*, sodium olivate*, potassium cocoate*, sodium carbonate, sodium cocoate*, sodium hydroxyde, potassium hydroxide, caramel. (*Natural origin 99.9%. e.g. Sodium olivate is the saponified fatty acid - or salt - of the olive oil. Due to the current situation in Syria, Tadé Savon noir du Hammam - Hammam Black Soap is now blended in France with Syrian ingredients, respecting the Syrian tradition.)

Size: 140g (Please note that the product weight of 190g is for freight purpose and is the total weight of the black soap and its container. Presented in a recyclable plastic container. Tadé Pays du Levant® Hammam Crepe Mitt is not included with the Hammam Black Soap. Each product is sold separately.)

Made in France.

All Tadé Pays du Levant® and Aleppo Soap Co. products are made in accordance with the principle of fair-trade where value is given to the contribution and dignity of all partners. Dermatologist tested and presented in minimum and recyclable packaging.

"Since July 2012, Aleppo, the birth place of Tadé's business has been plagued by fighting between the Free Syrian Army and the Government forces. Daily life for the citizens of Aleppo is harrowing. Tadé's local partners are working in perilous conditions. In spite of this truly dramatic context, Tadé has remained committed to guaranteeing supply and have been striving to maintain the highest possible availability of their products, thereby associating, more than ever before, respect for nature, for people and for fair exchange." Tadé Pays du Levant®