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  • Lunch Pot

    This cleverly designed set makes it easy to transport soups, pasta, or other food.

  • Leis Kitchen Set

    The set consists of 3 pieces: spoon, fork and spatula.

  • Leis Salad Set

    A set of two forks for preparing and serving salad.

  • Design Letters

    Arne Jacobsen wooden letters are made in the typography originally created in 1937 by the world renowned Danish architect Arne

  • Earaser

    We all make mistakes, artistic or otherwise. Take matters into your own hands, just like Van Gogh.

  • Evolution Eraser

    Designer stationery lovers, Darwinists or just modern Neanderthals will adore this eraser, which depict the progress of man in

  • ICON Refill for Car Air Freshener

    Once your ICON Car Air Freshener starts to lose it's power and you're in need of a fresh new fragrance in your car you can choo

  • Platawa for Kitchen

    Platawa is designed and manufactured in Japan and is an extremely handy little kitchen utensil.

  • Leaf Magnet Cherry

    A beautiful and potent magnet in the shape of a delicate cherry blossom. Composed of 4 magnets.

  • Leaf Magnet Beech

    A beautiful and powerful magnet in the shape of a beech leaf. Composed of 4 leaves.

  • Hen-Shin Balloons

    These balloons are magic! They change from one color to another when you blow them up!