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  • Florino friendly vase

    This sweet little vase is quite a character! With its flexible arms and legs you can place it in whatever position you like.

  • Concrete Magnet Arrow

    Magnets made of concrete in the shape of an arrow. Four arrows in a pack.

  • Leaf Magnet Beech

    A beautiful and powerful magnet in the shape of a beech leaf. Composed of 4 leaves.

  • Leaf Magnet Cherry

    A beautiful and potent magnet in the shape of a delicate cherry blossom. Composed of 4 magnets.

  • Magnetidy

    A stylish magnetic storage item that attaches to any metal with its powerful magnet, allowing to carry a substantial weight.

  • Modesto towel holder

    Modesto towel holder will hold your hand towel in place so it is just where you need it!

  • Key Pete

    Meet Pete, a super strong and stylish magnet.

  • Shoehorn

    Flexibility and functionality are the essence of this shoehorn.

  • Tadé Recycled Tyre Large Tub

    Made by French brand Tadé Pays du Levant, these tubs caught our attention for their clean, unique and recycled design.

  • Dolmen Clock Radio Bamboo

    The Lexon Dolmen clock radio is constructed with natural bamboo and aluminium, giving it a contemporary yet organic look and fe

  • Tykho Bluetooth Speaker

    With a waterproof casing and a powerful speaker, the third incarnation of the Tykho radio: the Tykho speaker absolutely begs fo