Aquart Outdoor Shower


The Aquart Outdoor Shower is constructed of inviting copper and a cylindrical cement base. The shower head is circular with small perforations in a starburst pattern. The shower’s stem is a simple cane shape that is unobtrusive, and the cement base gives a pleasant material contrast to the shiny copper. The shower stem features a classic industrial red knob, calling to the shower’s vintage inspiration. Whether used by a pool, garden, or outside of a beach cottage, the Aquart Outdoor Shower is a sophisticated fixture that is as eye-catching as it is functional.

Details & Dimensions:

Dimensions: h. cm. 230 ≈
Water Source Inlet: 1,9 cm Dia.
Materials: Copper, cement
The Aquart can remain outdoors in cold weather, however, the shower must be free of water in freezing temperatures. A 3/4" hose adapter, which can easily be found at your local hardware store, may be required to connect your hose to the cement base.